Rules of Crewing


For most crewmembers, "fun" is the payment for working. Pilots may occasionally take crew members for a "reward" ride after a certain amount of crewing, but the thrill of being around the balloon usually is enough to "hook" new crew.

Safety is critical to keeping the activity fun. Be mindful around ropes, hot burners, wet grass, and large moving objects.

If it seems like hard work, perhaps you need to examine your technique. This training site will help you to work less and have more fun.

The three big rules of crewing:

  • Have Fun
  • Be Safe
  • Don't work too hard!

Other general rules:

  • Pilot is in charge (crew chief when pilot is in air)
  • No smoking anytime
  • Don't be late to the launch field (might need to relocate due to wind direction)
  • No drinking until balloon is packed
  • Different pilots have different plans
  • Don't step on the balloon fabric
  • Only pull on the balloon by the thick load tapes
  • Know where emergency items are kept (first aid kit, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Lift with your legs
  • Don't straddle ropes
  • Always keep one foot on the ground unless you are inside the basket