Forward Recovery Team


The "chase" crew is incorrectly named. The "Forward Recovery Team" crew is more appropriate as the pilot usually prefers the crew try to stay in front of the balloon.

You need to have a sense of urgency, but don't rush the retrieve. Your pilot would love to have you ahead picking out landing sites and identifing hazards, but they are trained to be able to land the balloon on their own.

Some rules to follow during the retrieve are:

  • Put the equipment away in the same place as you got it
  • Follow standard driving rules
  • Drivers need to drive, and have a spotter watch the balloon
  • Stay on the roads, but don't block them
  • Don't drive on private property without permission
  • Don't let spectators follow you onto private property
  • With trucks, everyone riding in the back needs "butts on the floor"
  • Use the radio sparingly - the pilot may be busy
  • Try to stay ahead and look for landing sites
  • When stopping, always have everyone park on the same side of the road
  • The pilot can land without you, so don't panic
  • Don't get in front of a landing basket
  • Be patient and courteous at all times

The roads are much more dangerous than the air, so everyone needs to pay attention during recovery.