Propane Safety


Propane is an ever-present hazard while ballooning. The gas is stored under pressure in the fuel tanks, and needs to be treated with respect. Unintended ignition sources need to be managed and kept away from the fuel systems.

Propane is also a very cold gas (-44 degrees F), so be careful around the venting of fuel. The fuel stored in the tanks is liquid, and will expand by 270 times as it quickly converts to gas, so even a small hose under pressure can release a large amount of propane.

Propane safety tips:

  • No smoking of any kind within 50 feet of the balloon
  • Only need 2 people to refuel
  • Keep synthetic fabrics (flags, jackets) out of the refueling area (static electricity)
  • No cell phones while refueling
  • Do not be in the basket while refueling
  • Wear leather gloves when working with the fuel system
  • Turn the vehicle engine off while refueling
  • Do not refuel inside an enclosed trailer
  • Make sure all trailer doors are open and lights off
  • Do not leave the basket unattended while refueling
  • Know where the fire extinguisher is and how to use it