Landing The Balloon


When the pilot communicates that they are looking to land, the crew should be ready with gloves on. Try to find accessible sites in front of the balloon and send one person to ask permission to land if possible. Be prepared to move again quickly as preferred landing sites are not always attainable as planned.

The pilot CAN land the balloon without crew, but usually prefers the crew there if possible to help. When the balloon is coming in, don't get in front of it as several tons of inertia are heading your way. Try to catch the balloon by the sides or the back as it hits the ground and put weight on the basket.

Landing/Recovery tips:

  • Do not get in front of the landing balloon
  • Approach the basket from the sides or from behind
  • Get permission to land if possible
  • Sometimes the still-inflated balloon will need to be walked/pushed to a better spot
  • Passengers should not exit until directed by pilot
  • After landed safely, bring the envelope bag and squeezer (if used) to the balloon